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Thanks for visiting! We understand that being downsized or laid off can be a very traumatic experience. One thing that we hear time and again from people who have gone through the same experience, is that the sooner you can overcome the initial shock of this change and start being proactive about your situation, the sooner you will find yourself in a new and even better career. In a very real way, this can become a period of self-discovery and transformative personal growth. While this may not be the most pleasant process, there is no reason it cannot be productive and rewarding!

The aim of this website is to help you arrive at a new and exciting career as efficiently as possible. There are literally hundreds of ways that you could find yourself back in the workforce… The question is, how do you see yourself back in the workforce? is here to help you plot your own course towards your own goals. To this end, we have organized our site into three sections based on the feedback we have received from past job-seekers like you. They are:

  • To help you understand how to take control of your finances and have your money work for you
  • To aid you in perfecting the skill-set required for effective job hunting and preparation
  • To help provide you with resources which will lead to getting your ideal new job

We hope this website helps you as you help yourself move towards your ideal employment situation. Remember, you can do this! The unexpected happens to us all. Change, while oftentimes complicated, is an inseparable part of life. It’s what you do when faced with the unforeseen and the difficult that counts!

Best wishes,

The Team
and your friends at Erie General Electric Federal Credit Union

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